Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender

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Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender

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Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender
Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender

Welcome to the world of culinary mastery! The Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender is here to revolutionize your kitchen experience. With a formidable 1100 watts of power, this kitchen tool is your gateway to effortless blending, kneading, and crushing. Let’s dive into the details of this high-powered kitchen companion.

Power-Packed Performance

When it comes to blending, power is paramount. The Ninja BL660 boasts 1100 watts of sheer blending prowess. Whether you’re crafting silky smoothies, tackling tough ingredients, or crushing ice with finesse, this blender delivers consistent and reliable performance.

Versatile Blender Jar

The XL 72 oz. blender jar that comes with the Ninja BL660 is a game-changer. Its generous size allows you to prepare large batches of your favorite concoctions. From ice-cold margaritas to velvety soups, this jar can handle it all. The controlled processing feature ensures you achieve the desired consistency every time.

Dough Kneading Magic

But that’s not all. The Ninja BL660 isn’t just a blender; it’s a versatile kitchen multitasker. It can knead dough for pizzas, bread, pretzels, and more. Say goodbye to the tiring hand-kneading process. Let the Ninja BL660 do the heavy lifting while you focus on perfecting your recipes.

Nutri Ninja Cups

The Ninja BL660 also comes with Nutri Ninja Cups, adding another layer of convenience to your culinary journey. These cups, powered by 1100 watts of professional performance, are designed for those on the go.

Professional Performance

The Nutri Ninja Cups ensure that you get the same level of performance as the main blender. With three speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions, you have complete control over your blending. Whether you’re making a post-workout protein shake or a quick morning smoothie, these cups have got you covered.

Speed and Precision

Speed and precision are the name of the game with the Nutri Ninja Cups. You can blend your ingredients to perfection without any hassle. Plus, the single-serve function allows you to blend directly in the cup, making cleanup a breeze.

Total Crushing Technology

The Ninja BL660 takes crushing to a whole new level with its Total Crushing technology. Ice and frozen fruit are no match for this blender.

Ice and Fruit Mastery

In mere seconds, the Ninja BL660 can turn ice and frozen fruit into a velvety, smooth blend. Say goodbye to those annoying ice chunks in your smoothies. With this technology, you’ll achieve consistent results every time.

Compact and Convenient

Despite its powerful performance, the Ninja BL660 doesn’t hog your kitchen counter space. Its compact design ensures it fits snugly into your culinary workspace.

Space-Saving Design

Measuring at just 16″ x 12″ x 9.25″, this blender won’t clutter your countertop. You can have the power of a professional blender without sacrificing precious kitchen space.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your Ninja BL660 is a breeze. The parts are easy to disassemble and dishwasher safe. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your culinary creations.

User-Friendly Experience

The Ninja BL660 is designed with the user in mind. It’s packed with features that make your blending and food processing tasks a breeze.

Simple Controls

The intuitive controls ensure that you won’t be fumbling around while trying to blend your favorite recipes. With easy-to-understand buttons, you’ll become a blending pro in no time.

Cleaning Made Easy

Nobody enjoys the post-blending cleanup. But with the Ninja BL660, it’s a simple task. The dishwasher-safe parts mean you can spend more time savoring your creations and less time at the sink.

In conclusion, the Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender is a culinary powerhouse that brings professional-level blending, kneading, and crushing into your home kitchen. With its 1100 watts of power, versatile blender jar, Nutri Ninja Cups, and Total Crushing technology, it’s a tool that can handle any task with ease. Plus, its compact design and user-friendly features make it a must-have for any kitchen enthusiast. Elevate your culinary creations with the Ninja BL660.

1. Can I blend hot liquids in the Ninja BL660?

Yes, you can blend hot liquids in the Ninja BL660 blender jar, but be cautious not to fill it to the top to prevent splattering.

2. Can I make nut butter with this blender?

Absolutely! The Ninja BL660’s powerful motor and sharp blades can easily whip up homemade nut butter.

3. Are the Nutri Ninja Cups durable?

Yes, the Nutri Ninja Cups are designed to withstand daily use and are made from durable materials.

4. How do I clean the Ninja BL660 blender?

The blender parts are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Alternatively, you can hand wash them with warm, soapy water.

5. Can I use the Nutri Ninja Cups for hot beverages?

No, it’s recommended not to use the Nutri Ninja Cups for hot beverages as they are designed for cold and room temperature liquids.


Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender – Dekat Sini
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